Please note, these instructions are Linux-only. While they might work on a Windows system, there is no guarantee.

Normal Installation

Installing the Jekyll gem is easy. Just run the following with root privilages:

  # installing jekyll gem
  gem install jekyll

This should install Jekyll and all the other gems that Jekyll depends on.

I had some trouble with the gem build provided by, so I decided to build Jekyll from source instead. The Jekyll source code is available at github.

Installing from source

1 First create a empty directory to work in:

  mkdir ~/gemdir;
  cd ~/gemdir;

2 Then clone the source files for both Jekyll and Liquid:

  git clone;
  git clone;

3 Use the source files to greate a *.gem file ( note, you have to be in each gem’s build directories when you call these commands ):

    gem build liquid/liquid*.gemspec;
    gem build jekyll/jekyll*.gemspec;

4 Finally install the gems:

  sudo gem install liquid*.gem;
  sudo gem install jekyll*.gem;

You can now proceed to use Jekyll.